"Imagination is more important than knowledge"

                                                                                                           Albert Einstein 



XYZed Company was setup in 2015 at the beginning of the large video projection market.


XYZed is specialized in developing intelligent LED and laser diodes light products for entertainment and architectural applications.


Based in Paris France, XYZed Research & Development combines and organizes the highest competence in engineering, software, electronics and optics, aiming to create highly innovative technologies.


XYZed projects are designed to answer technical needs of tomorrow. 


XYZed uses reliable, flexible and avant-guard technologies linked to innovative design, providing pioneer solutions to XYZed customers .  




1984    Maurice Rebiffé created X&Y specialized in moving light projectors called X&Y


1986    X&Y signed  a partnership agreement with the American company Synchrolite Inc. 


1989    Synchrolite Inc et X&Y developed in partnership the MiniArc 2 


1990    X&Y in partnership with LCI /UK to develop the first scanning laser video projector for            the European organization EUREKA/Vision1250 HDTV. 


1995    X&Y manufactured its own moving light called Zap 575 


1996    X&Y launched the Zap 1200 profile 


2000    Zap Technology was the R&D department for X&Y


2005   Zap Technology manufactured Xenon search light : BigLite range


2008    Zap  Technology company was sold


2015    XYZed was created to develop LED and Laser diodes light sources for the                                entertainment & architecture market in partnership with JP Ferrandon/Link


2017    Onyx3 RGB Laser source is launched on the market