Onyx3 - Specifications

                                                                                                             “Imagination is more important than knowledge”

Long lifetime
     15 000 hours at full power about 22 000 hours at 80% brightness
Scalable up to 60Klm
     Multiple 10Klm RGB modules from 10 Klm up to 60 000 Klm (1-6 Fibers
Fiber coupled RGB modules.
     Each module is coupled to a fiber optic bundle. Optical bundles are custom built in different lengths. 10Klm  output per arm. Up to 6 arms per bundle
Bright picture
High contrast ratio up to 3000:1
Selectable color gamut: DCI BT2020 D65 and others
Selectable output power Software controller (T°C-Amp-On/OffCues- etc )
Power consumption reduction
Long term stability : less than 15% during 25000 hours life time
Low maintenance
Expanded color gamut
Design for high resolution 4K (4 096 x 2160)
Speckle free
Control via Internet