Onyx3 - Description

                                                                                                             “Imagination is more important than knowledge”


Onyx3 Solution is synthesis of years of experience in the entertainment business.


Onyx3 project was originally a technical challenge to demonstrate the real benefit of a high-powered remote light source for video projection, but also open to the event market


Onyx3 is an innovative and compact high power RGB white light laser solution dedicated to the entertainment market. Engineered to power large video projector head for giant screens, rental staging (Touring, TV), projection mapping, theme parks and any application where high-brightness, high contrast and reliability are needed.


Onyx3 technology can be easily adapted to power different lighting or video/cinema projectors.


Onyx3 module racks can be used to retrofit any tri DLP video projectors, and replace any type of Xenon lamp.

NB/ Partnership agreements are in progress to equip specially engineered video projector heads


Onyx3 solution is a patented lightweight modular concept, fiber coupled (only 6 fibers for 60Klm – up to 75m), very competitive.